Emergency and Medical ID

Live your life with the protection of your OneLife iD

Carry emergency and medical iD with next of kin contacts and any important medical information with you.

Most OneLife iD products can be engraved or printed with onboard emergency and medical information. They also carry a link to your online profile page where all kinds of additional medical and contact information can be stored. Just select the product or combination that works best for you.

Our ID product range means that whatever your medical or emergency requirements and no matter what you are doing, you can wear or carry a OneLife iD. In addition to any ID engraving or printing each iD connects, via a weblink or QR code, to your online profile with detailed information and additional medical documentation with the added benefit that, information can be updated and stored in a single place.

We can never anticipate when events take a turn for the worse. Whether it is a long-term medical condition, participating in sports, or the commute to work, OneLife iD provides vital protection. Our products can provide emergency responders, carers and hospital staff with access to your OneLife iD emergency medical profile including:

  • Up to 6 emergency next of kin (nok) contacts and details
  • Up to 15 medical details including medical conditions, allergies and medication
  • Access to additional multipage medical documents and images

For a demonstration of the emergency contacts and medical information please take a look at our demo profile www.onelifeid.com/danrob. To access the emergency section enter the PIN 1234.

Further information about OneLife iD profiles...

Medical Information ...

The medical page has 3 sections – Medical Condition, Allergy and Current Medication. For each section users may add Medical Name, Further Details and an attachment. The attachment can be a photo, medical image or multipage medical documents eg Personal Crisis Plan which provide additional detail on medical conditions, treatment and medication and key contacts – nok, GP.

Emergency Contacts ...

Profiles can contain 3 named emergency contacts each with 2 contact telephone numbers. Additionally, there is space for your GP’s details.

Other Features ...

OneLife iD also has these extra features:

  • The system automatically records the date and time of your last medical and emergency page update so responders know when the details were last reviewed.
  • Option for re-direction to an additional/alternative medical/emergency website of your choice

OneLife ICE Guide ...

Find out more about how OneLife iD can work in Emergencies. Read or share our ICE iD Handy Guide for emergency responders and event organisers.

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