Sports iD

Live your life - enjoy your sport with the protection of your OneLife iD

Interactive and updatable Sports iD, for any sporting activity, suitable for protecting you during sports emergencies, carrying all your medical details or labelling your equipment.

All our IDs link to your single, OneLife iD online profile and many of our products can include additional engraved or printed key information. You just need to select the right product or combination that will work for you.

Our varied ID product range means that whatever your sports, emergency or social requirements are and, no matter what you are doing, you can wear or carry a OneLife iD or keep track of your equipment or kit. In addition to any personalised engraving or printing, each iD connects, via a weblink or QR code, to your online profile with detailed information and additional documentation with the added benefit that, when you need to update, all your information is one place.

Whether participating in your favourite sport or just enjoying the great outdoors, the multi-function OneLife iD has much to offer. Our range of products can be worn or attached to your kit enabling you to:

  • Provide emergency responders or hospital staff with all your medical details, and next of kin contacts
  • Protect your sports kit by attaching OneLife iD's stickers and key fobs to your bags, equipment or valuables
  • Share your details with fellow competitors or spectators

For a demonstration of the emergency, lost and found and networking capabilities take a look at our demo profile To access the emergency section enter the PIN 1234.

Medical Information and Emergency Contacts

The medical page has 3 sections – Medical Condition, Allergy and Current Medication. For each section users may enter details and an attachment. The attachment can be a photo, medical image or multipage medical documents which provide supplementary details.

Profiles can contain 3 named emergency contacts each with 2 contact telephone numbers. Additionally, there is space for your GP's details. For more info see

Lost and Found

With the Lost and Found section you can add contact details, either phone, email or both and add a personal message of thanks. When someone finds your stuff (sports equipment, college or work property, electronic equipment or luggage and bags or even Pets or a lost child!) they can scan the QR code or enter the weblink into a browser to access your contact details.

Worried about someone finding your iD and PIN? We also offer sticker iD and Key iD without the PIN so your emergency details are safe.

Social and Networking

With the Social section you can add as much or as little information as you want. Options in the OneLife iD social section include:

  • Social Media – add links to your social media pages including Facebook, Twitter and sporting links like Strava and much more
  • Website Links – provide links to your favourite websites whether work or play
  • About Me – an opportunity to provide more information about what you do and who you are
  • Photos – add some of your favourite photos or images
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