Range of Replacement or Spare ID bands and Straps

Select from our wide range of replacement or spare ID wristbands or straps. Select from several different styles and sizes and from over 20 different colours.

  • Stealth Squadra/Lumo iD Spare Band Clasp

    Spare band & clasp to replace your Stealth Squadra iD, Lumo iD or black Medi medical alert ID wristband and clasp. Upgrade to match your kit.

    Product & Features
    • Soft silicon 19mm band and black clasp
    • Size - Fully adjustable watch style clasp
    • 20 + colours. Includes Squadra thin stripe

    Available colours

  • Squadra iD Band and Clasp replacement

    Spare band & clasp to replace your Squadra iD, Active iD or Medi medical ID strap and clasp. Update to match your gear.

    Product & Features
    • Soft silicon 19mm band and stainless clasp
    • Size - Fully adjustable watch or bracelet clasp
    • 20+ colours. Includes Squadra thin stripe option

    Available colours

  • NATO ID wristband strap

    Spare or replacement nylon NATO style strap. 18mm wide strap accepts our standard 20mm ID tags used on most ID bands including Medi medical ID bracelet.

    Product & Features
    • Durable nylon 18mm strap
    • Adjustable Size - is finished with a silver-tone buckle
    • Choice of 10 + colours

    Available colours

  • Spare band for Freestyle Sports ID

    Freestyle iD spare or replacement band to upgrade your Freestyle emergency or sports ID band. Fits the slimline Freestyle sports and emergency ID tag

    Product & Features
    • Soft silicon 12mm slimline band
    • Size - Available in 3 sizes: 160mm, 180mm or 200mm diameter. Small suitable for children
    • Colours - red, pink, blue, light blue, orange, green or black

    Available colours

  • Adventure iD Band replacement

    OneLife iD Adventure spare or replacement ID band to replace update your existing sports ID or emergency ID wristband. Fits 20 mm wide ID Tags for Adventure, Squadra, Stealth Squadra, Lumo and Active sports and medical ID wristbands

    Product & Features
    • Soft silicon 19mm wide band
    • Size - One size: diameter 190mm
    • Colours - choice of 8 colours

    Available colours

  • Squadra/Active ID wristband strap

    OneLife iD Squadra or Active spare band (without clasp or ID Tag). Fits our clasp opening and adjustable range of sports, emergency, medical ID bands - Squadra, Active, Lumo or Medi ID

    Product & Features
    • Soft silicon 19mm strap - cut down to size
    • Suitable for double jaw clasp, i.e. no watch pin within clasp
    • Colours - 20 + colours. Includes the Squadra thin stripe option

    Available colours

  • ICE Information Stickers

    "ICE Information Carrier" Stickers.

    Alert emergency responders or medical staff and let them know you are carrying important emergency, medical or contact information by placing a OneLife iD "ICE Information Carrier" sticker in a prominent position.

    Just like the sticker we supply with our ID bands, this is a pack of 5 extra stickers to position in important places like your bike frames, helmets, skies, phone case etc.

    Available colours

  • Weatherproof SmartPhone Case

    The OneLife iD SmartPhone Weatherproof case from pOcpac with Paramedic Star of Life is ideal for cyclists, runners or those enjoying the outdoors needing to keep phone and valuables dry. Add OneLife's Emergency phone screen to your mobile.

    • pOcpac weatherproof plastic pouch
    • iPAC 3X Size 99 x 171mm
    • For iPhone 6/7/5/SE, Samsung Galaxy S4/S5, HTC One X+ and similar
    • Touchscreen enables phone operation.
    • Smart window enables camera operation